Energy & Utility: how to reduce customer churn?

In response to a fragmented market and which is still critical in sustaining margins, the challenges for Italian sales operators focus primarily on retention and the progressive extraction of value from their customer base.
It is in this context that Simon-Kucher & Partner, thanks to their proven experience in anti-churn projects for major energy operators, and Premoneo, a company specializing in the use of Artificial Intelligence to generate business insight from the growing amount of data available, collaborate to offer an integrated “end-to-end” approach that, based on the assessment of risk profiles, identifies the interventions to be activated to reduce churn by optimizing the treatment of the customer in its life cycle, of which renewals are a key aspect.
The integration of a strategic approach to customer base management with strong analytical capabilities allows extracting motivations and behavioural attitudes of customers from the data translating them into evidence to define a 360° anti-churn strategy, which appropriately combines structural interventions and tactical actions maximizing their impacts.
To ensure tangible results even in the short term, the support consists of an incremental path, with limited initial investments thanks to the availability of a dedicated project environment and with limited technological impacts on existing systems.

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