Discover the pricing optimization level of your company

Answer these questions related to your pricing processes in use and find out your company’s Pricing Optimization Score.

    • 1. In your opinion, to what extent pricing is a component of your business strategy ?
      Low – pricing is not set in the strategic phase but delegated to the function responsible for its management.Moderate – pricing is set at positioning level, but the precise quantification is delegated to the function responsible for its management.High – pricing positioning is precisely defined in the strategic management process.Essential – pricing is the starting point of the strategy because is directly related with the expected profit margin.
    • 2. Who is in charge of pricing decision in the company?
      CEOGeneral managementSales managerPrice Management
    • 3. How often is pricing reviewed?
      Once a weekOnce a monthTwice a yearOnce a year
    • 4. Which of the following factors affect the pricing variation? (multiple)
      Cost variationCompetitors’ price variationBusiness trendMacroeconomic situation
    • 5. What is the company position related to competitors’ price?
      We do not take them into considerationWe track them, but they do not affect our pricingWe track them, and we adjust to them occasionallyWe track them and we adjust real-time
    • 6. In your company, Which position manages the prices (pricelists, discount, promotion, packaging, ..)?
      MarketingSalesPricing managementCEO
    • 7. Which control indicator is mainly used to evaluate the correct implementation of the pricing strategy?
      TurnoverPricelist variationProfit marginProfit margin and volumes
    • 8. Which forecasting model is used in the company?
      NoneBased on historical sales onlyBased on the intersection between historical data and the variables factors impacting the demandBased on artificial intelligence
    • 9. What models are used to calculate the willingness-to-pay? (multiple)
      Is not calculatedSurveyHistorical data analysisEmpirical test
    • 10. Does the company have a supply tool for pricing management and reporting?
      No system, it is managed manuallyExcel systemProprietary systemThird-party software
    • 11. The used system allows to: (multiple)
      Automatically managed a large number of products / servicesPerform historical data analysis to calculate the demand and elasticity curveMake sales forecast for each product / category of productCustomers segmentation based on the propensity to purchase products
    • 12. Does the company intend to update the pricing processes and the tools in use?
      NoYes, in the next 6 monthsYes, in the next 12 monthsYes but not in the next 12 months