human factor

The experience in dynamic pricing with Dynamitick, an AI-based vertical solution for ticketing and travel, combined with the ability to read the market needs of three young entrepreneurs and the support of a team of pricing experts, researchers and developers has led to the birth of Premoneo, a cloud based software for the management and optimization of pricing, segmentation and forecasting for various industries.

Transforming “sleeping” data into profitable decisions is the goal of the Premoneo team. Supporting companies in the implementation of marketing and sales processes to optimize performance and increase profitability and margins.

Since September 2021, Premoneo has become part of Vedrai Group, which was created with the aim of expanding the range of products based on Artificial Intelligence to be offered to the Italian market and deals with providing highly predictive solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises and supporting companies in decision-making processes.

Federico Quarato

Working as a consultant for funds, banks and insurance companies, I discovered that a journalist could be useful to businesses.  So, when I was 28, I decided that I wanted to be useful to my company. So, together with some brilliant partners I started a startup that today is Premoneo. After my son, the most exciting and tiring adventure of my life.

Marco Alò

As an entrepreneur and, even before, as a finance specialist, I have always understood the strategic importance and centrality that pricing must have in companies to be competitive. This awareness and the desire to always face new challenges made me believe in the potential of a project like that of Premoneo.

Massimo Dell’Erba

They pushed me to leave my job in the bank and to embark on this adventure in several aspects, but there are two main reasons: the possibility of applying the topics addressed at the academic level in the world of work and the idea behind everything, the centrality of price optimization in the success of a company.

Marketing & Communication
Maria Caterina Baroni

I met this reality by attending a master in Sport Business Management and, immediately grasping its innovative potential and the ability to look at the business at 360 °, I tried to be part of it. After a short internship, I fully joined a team that I have seen evolve over the years in terms of resources and skills. In Premoneo A.I. and human capital come together to create the perfect mix to be able to support customers in their challenges.

Research and Development
Luca Mastrolorenzo

Since 2012 I have been working, as an experimental particle physicist, at CERN in the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment, contributing to the study of the coupling of the Higgs boson to fermions. Over the years I’ve followed the Premoneo evolution and, evaluating the goodness of the technology and the preparation of the team, I decided to put my skills in physics, mathematics and computer science also in the service of pricing.

Data Analysis
Eleonora Savina

Dealing with data analysis, I was able to grasp the importance that data plays transversally in business decisions and the centrality of human contribution in the iterations with the world of artificial intelligence.
The synergy between the human mind and the machine is the focal point that allows the achievement of the optimum, in terms of analysis, business and results.