The importance of correct pricing

Pricing, intended as the process of price management, definition and optimisation, is a strategic activity for the company, with a significant direct impact on revenues and commercial performance.

Both in a BtoB market and in a BtoC market, establishing the right price at which to offer a good or service on the market is a complex process, where it is necessary to take into account a large number of variables, not all under the control of the company itself. Premoneo offers, in a single solution, a product that can calculate pricing at any time to optimise your company’s objectives. Factors such as production/purchasing costs, competitor prices, seasonality, willingness to pay and much more are all taken into account, allowing you to maximise profit margins.

Calculating your score


The pricing definition process

Pricing is the final result of a process that starts with the analysis of sales data, of commercial objectives, of the competitive arena, of the price elasticity of demand.

Starting from the input of historical sales data, Premoneo guides you in the extraction of analyses and insights relevant to the definition of the final pricing, such as the correlation and clustering of variables, the definition of various sales scenarios, and the consultation of mathematical models.

The prices identified by Premoneo can be viewed, exported in other formats, if necessary, compared with those of competitors and finally applied across all sales channels.


Different types of technology, one goal

The Premoneo suite provides various tools to meet the various pricing needs of companies operating in both BtoB and BtoC markets.  

From the use of accurate mathematical models for price optimisation and price suggestions to machine learning algorithms for the implementation of dynamic pricing across all sales channels thanks to API integrations, to the use of deep learning to find timely answers in complex scenarios with a large amount of data.

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