2022 between analysis and forecasting


When you face storms like 2020 and can come out of it all in one piece, you also get the knowledge that only in fairy tales can the sun wipe everything out in a matter of minutes. That’s why we knew, and we weren’t wrong, that the skies weren’t going to suddenly calm down and that the time to let our guard down wasn’t going to come.

A more favorable sea and the experience of these years allowed us to find a good course, which we could see on the map but which we might not have been able to tackle on our own. A larger, well-equipped, firmly led ship suggested we follow. We were sailing toward the same destination and it was easy to conclude that we wanted to share the same path.

Summarizing 2021 in a few lines is not easy, and to do so you need to focus on the crucial moments. The transaction with which Vedrai Spa took over 51% of Premoneo is our moment of the year, because it inevitably marked a turning point. It allowed the founders to pay back the investors who had believed in their project and took that same project to a new level, with renewed ambitions and goals.

The hope for 2022 is that we can reap some of the fruits of our labor, those that during the pandemic unfortunately became impossible to reap. Several big companies in different markets are about to come on board our platform and we look forward to taking them through the best pricing and forecasting technology they can even imagine. Those who chose us even in 2021, improved their trade margins by an average of 15% and got forecasting models that provided forecasts an average accuracy of 95%. These are valuable tools, especially in uncertain market times like these.

And 2022 will certainly not be a “normal” year: being able to rely on Artificial Intelligence to be more effective in key areas such as pricing, forecasting and segmentation, is a choice we wish to all companies that want to win their commercial challenges.

We have chosen to keep on sailing, because we know that you cannot discover new lands without accepting to lose sight of the coast even for a very long time. Good wind!

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