Knowing in order to segment

Understanding which customers to invest in with a view to building loyalty, which customers to send an offer to, which customers should be offered an upgrade or a new product. Premoneo allows you to carry out this type of analysis thanks to the use of AI to identify segments or clusters that can be assimilated by behaviour in relation to a specific stimulus. Subdividing the customer base using information extracted from the data minimises commercial efforts and increases the conversion rate by focusing activities on the right customers.


A.I. for segmentation

Starting with the data to be analysed, Premoneo guides you in choosing the optimal method, whether machine learning or deep learning, to obtain relevant information in terms of segmentation.

The adoption of one or the other methodology is determined by the specific characteristics of the database to be analysed, such as complexity, the number of variables for which the analysis is to be carried out and their nature: quantitative or qualitative. In addition to the results of the analyses, the software also provides valuable information on the accuracy of the clusters obtained.


Support for sales & marketing

The ability to import the data contained in any database or application, to use various artificial intelligence technologies based on the nature and complexity of the analysis to be performed, and the capacity to be integrated in different ways into any IT environment, makes Premoneo the perfect support tool for managers making strategic choices in sales and marketing.

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