Forecast in order to plan

Anticipating market changes is one of the key challenges for any company, regardless of the sector in which it operates. For example, the planning of investments and production is based on the forecasting of demand. Making accurate forecasts starting from historical data allows companies to make assessments, weigh investments, and plan production activities by optimising potential and reducing risks.


From historical data to forecasting

Premoneo allows you to carry out a key activity such as forecasting via a wizard that starts with importing any data repository. Through mathematical-statistical methods or multi-level automatic learning (deep learning), it is possible to choose the characteristics of the algorithm to be used. Artificial intelligence improves forecasts when entering new data and automatically learns from comparing forecasts to past sales results. For example, it is possible to evaluate the influence of the elasticity of demand in different market scenarios.


Continuous optimisation of forecasts

With Premoneo, you can obtain increasingly sophisticated forecasts thanks to the use of deep learning algorithms put at the service of the platform. Play to win by predicting future demand behaviour; train your deep neural network with your historical data and optimise your activities based on the forecast results.

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