AI Revenue Management for a Multichannel Pricing

AI revenue management

In recent years, the Hospitality sector has been marked by a strong push towards digitisation, the birdth of new distribution channels and the evolution of existing ones. Purchasing methods have changed towards new
paradigms, increasingly customeroriented, smarter and multi-channel.

Nowadays, offers accomodations in more than 120,000 destinations, Expedia show the offers of more than a million facilities, Airbnb guarantees accommodation in 191 countries. The number of online travel agencies and digital intermediaries has grown exponentially.

In this new scenario, traditiona Revenue Management requires an integrated approach with Artificial Intelligence tools to guarantee a real competitive advantage and allow structures to identify new business opportunities to increase their margins.

Discover our Case History and check out the strategies and results achieved by using Premoneo to enhance the management of a Tour Operator’s offer on the various sales channels.

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